Unemployed women
If you are unemployed and you want to create a viable alternative of self-employment through your own entrepreneurial project, Memprende+21 offers you all the information and tools to convert your idea into a reality. Furthermore, you will be able to count on the guidance of experts and mentors who will assist you every step of the way.
Young entrepreneurs
If you are under 35 and you´ve got an idea, Memprende+21 could be the platform that converts into your professional future. Training, guidance, tools, online networking, tutorials, workshops and much more from this one platform.
Business vocation
If you know for sure that leading business projects is your thing, Memprende+21 could be your trampoline to set in motion or to consolidate your business through its counseling and guidance of business plans, possible source of funding and market research.
Women who wish to expand and grow their business and internationalize their projects

If your company is ready or if it needs internationalization, Memprende+21 offers you the necessary support through expert guidance and tutorials, visualization of the projects and seeking investors so that the process of expansion is successful.



Everything starts with an idea. Explain to us your project. Tell us how you came up with the idea and why do you feel its in addition to being viable brilliant. We are looking forward to listening to your presentation. The best ideas will be selected to form a part of the laboratory of Memprende+21.

The idea is the beginning of the path. In the Memprende+21 laboratory, we will be with you every step of the way to develop your business project with security as well as guarantee. Information, training, consultancy, tutorials, networking, financial or legal advice to define your entrepreneurial activity, setting up your company, consolidating or turning your entrepreneurial activity around.
Virtual Workshops
Training by experts in human resources, coaching, talent development and business consultancy. Memprende+21 includes an educational program, indispensable for a woman entrepreneur as well as any 21st century businesswoman, with face-to-face workshop and online workshop oriented for skill acquisition.
Memprende+21 counts on the backing and collaboration of Oslo School of Management, Kristiania University College.

The support for the participants en Memprende+21 is one of the key processes in the custom-designed business laboratory. Each entrepreneur will have two one-hour face-to-face tutorials with an expert who will guide them, offer them advices and come up with strategies to optimize the potential of each project.

Raising funds is one of the main obstacles to entrepreneurial spirit. Memprende+21 offers dynamic counseling through all possible aspects of business financing: From positionings in forums, trade fairs or other interesting events which correspond to the main objective of the entrepreneurial project to seeking investors or coming up with financial strategies through crowdfunding, business angels, family office network or through Empresa Madrina.
(Content linked to “Empresa Madrinas”: The network of Empresas Madrinas is a business directory who can back the entrepreneurial projects from Memprende+21. They aim to foster links between the entrepreneurs and the companies and share business experiences. Similarly, their objective is to collaborate in seeking funds and business partners to expand existing projects or create new ones, as well as offer job opportunities, offer services and any other needs.)